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Joshua Mays

"The first time I saw his work I felt as if I was hit in the chest. It would be too simplistic to call him an Afrofuturist painter rather his futuristic work open up imaginations to new possibilities to envision black art and culture."


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Creative Work, That Works © ONLY UP

1911 second st, livermore Ca, 94568


Joshua Mays


Joshua Mays (b.1976) is an artist and visionary based in Oakland Ca. Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Joshua has become known for being a muralist with Afro-Futuristic visions. He has created illustrations and public projects for various creators and brands including Philadelphia Mural Arts, ABG Projects, Onlyup Llc, King Britt and Oaklandish.


Besides being a part of hundred of collections, festivals and public installations Joshuas main occupation is the act of world building. A true pioneer of web3 and the NFT space Joshua has been working to leverage these technologies to position himself for upcoming opportunities. Joshua has created Olgaruth 

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