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What is Olgaruth? 

Olgaruth is a world of characters, places, currencies and storylines from the mind of artist Joshua Mays. 

Olgaruth is a fictional city of tremendous science and cultural vision. The key character of the story is an awakened fungus who communicates effective consciousness by infecting a group of children. It’s been observing and watching for thousands of years and has ideas it wants to implement and activate within humanity. This story describes how this happens. Here we begin the story of the fungal sapience that makes itself known to several children one day on their way home from school. The children, alone, show some form of non-verbal autism, but when they are brought together they speak on behalf of the spor.

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Utility Roadmap

We’re in this for the long haul. We’ve set up some goalposts for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal

10% -  Recoup investment 

20% -  Establish live work exhibition space

30% -  Hire creative team to launch second wave of creative tokens

40% -  Establish community partners to produce pop-up art music and fashion events 

50% -  Educational programming and Olgaruth Science Fairs

60% -  Second token series release

70% -  Produce our first animated short 

80% -  Olgaruth culture & science festival (plus all educational programming associated) is a full success

100% - Pursuing Contracts to develop our first series..."savants" 


Join the Community

Joshua created Olgaruth to bring to life his ambitions of building a community around his creative and business passions using NFT technology and their smart contract capabilities. By owning an Olgaruth NFT, you immediately become part of the Olgaruth community and get access to its currencies, products, and real life experiences.Olgaruth token definitions:

District Tokens- With 31 Olgaruthian districts these tokens will allow collectors access to various district-based events and giveaways.

Letter Tokens- (O.L.G.A.R.U.T.H.) Collect all eight letters and receive one-of-one collector tokens and access keys.

Trosey Tokens- These tokens are focused upon the culinary mastery of Montrose Calcot. Collect and activate unique access possibilities.

Gem Tokens- These Are tokens connected to the poignant moments of the ‘Savants…’ screenplay writing, currently in progress. Be prepared for access possibilities.

Creator Tokens- 6 Olgaruthians creatives commissioned to contribute to these tokens commemorating the diversity of the Olgaruth imaginary narrative. 

Sequence Keys- 5000 tokens with which the value will be unlocked with the ‘Savants of the Spore’ series. Each token will unlock ownership of a ‘Savants…’ animated frame.

The lay of the land

Olgaruth is divided into 31 districts, three major parks, and two bio-wilderness regions. Joshua is currently writing a collection of characters, who are Olgaruth residents and witness various cultural movements and metaphysical events that reveal threads connecting imagery that Joshua Mays has been creating over the years. There’s a device that’s been activated that creates a convergence of 80 different timelines, 200 years into the past & 200 years in the future. When you enter this 10-mile radius area, you are side by side with several different people from different timelines within a range of hundreds of years in the past and future. This can be very disorienting. For the people in the past, it's like visiting a city of divine happenings. 

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